Friday, August 13, 2010

Other nights in Santiago

While my friends and I all try to be creative about what we do each day and night, sometimes we don't always succeed. We do, however, succeed in laughing a lot, and having fun. Recently UChile played a Mexican team, and since we've heard so many crazy stories about what happens on game night, we all decided to hit a bar and watch the game. I unfortunately didn't make it until the second half, and unfortunately there wasn't much going on, but this was probably better for us in the end. So there we are, gringos as we are, essentially the only ones sitting in this bar called Mi Lounge watching the futbol game. I thought it was pretty funny, and it was a great time. We all called the night pretty early and decided to rest up. Especially those unfortunate ones who had classes the next day.

When we can't think of anything else to do, we usually end up hanging out at someone's house. This is my personal favorite because we all get to talk a lot more, relax a bit more, and sit on comfy couches too. One of my friend's family has an apartment and are usually happy to have us all over. We spend a lot of time youtubing and goofing off at her place. Always a fun time.

Sometimes we go out to Las Condes, the very affluent part of Santiago, and sip wine and beer with class. I like to call this photo "The Family Portrait" since it kind of encapsulates our group. 

The Family Portrat

One day when we were walking around near La Moneda (the president's house) I realized that a fair few of us were wearing Ray Bans or knockoffs so we decided we would be a good group to advertise for Ray Ban and took the liberty of doing the photo shoot ourselves. 

As much fun as I've had going out and bein a little loca, there are pretty frustrating moments here too. Trying to deal with all the problems with my computer, charge my transportation card, charge my phone while the pharmacy is being robbed, explain to someone what q-tips are, and get cold medicine can be challenging and stressful. One very frustrating day was when I was trying to find a class at UChile. First, it took forever and a day to get there, then I had to ask about 8 people where to go before I figured out I was at the completely wrong campus and had missed the class. So I decided to head home and call it a day, but I got on the wrong bus and went the opposite direction from home. Just when I was feeling really down, I looked up and saw the sun setting on the Andes and it took my breath away. 

I think this is the most rewarding thing about living in Santiago. You can be walking, riding the bus, or getting lost but every now and then, between the sky scrapers and smog you catch a glimpse like this one and you're reminded of how beautiful the world is. 

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