Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chilean Tragedy

Hello my family and friends. While I have been having fun and experiencing the Chilean life as best I can, many Chileans are living in fear. For those of you who haven't heard or been following the San Jose mining collapse, here is a bit of information.

In San Jose, northern Chile, 10 days ago there was a collapse in the mine there. 33 miners have been trapped there since the 5th, and attempts to rescue them have not only failed thus far, another collapse occurred. No communication has been made with the miners since this collapse. Rather than try to directly access the miners for extrication, the rescue crews are working to transport food, water, and oxygen to the miners. Family and friends of the trapped have gathered en masse at the site of the mine, and President Piñera is addressing the problems that led to the collapse. There is much hope that the miners are all still alive, and many are doing what they can to support the families and friends of the miners. Please keep the miners, their families, and any who are close to them in your hearts. Send out requests to the universe, prayers, or ask whatever deity you put faith in that these miners can make it out alive.

Rescue worker after second collapse

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