Friday, August 13, 2010

More Explorations

One night we were all craving Mexican food, so we found a Mexican restaurant and met up. It was terrible food but we all enjoyed ourselves and it was, as always, good to spend the evening in good company.

Another day some of us decided to grab a beer and some food in the afternoon and then head to the market. We had some intense conversations about religion, politics, morals, and beliefs in general. It's really great that we are all so different, but can have intelligent conversations about our differing ideas without it changing our friendship. We also had some goofy moments, how could we not when I'm around?

After the beers we went and climbed up a Palacio of some kind. The view was amazing and it was a pretty peaceful spot. The Andes are awe-inspiring, even though my pictures don't quite do them justice. 

After the climb, we ended up going to a market, where I FINALLY got an animal sweater. I'm pretty proud of my alpaca wool sweater with llamas on it. 

One night while we were all partying at a friend's apartment, I got a little artsy and took some pictures of my friends. 

I am surrounded by creative people, in all different ways. Two people are photographers, one plays guitar and sings amazingly, another is an opera singer. And others are into sports like rugby and lacrosse. The mixture, like I've said before, is so awesome and I feel super lucky to have all these people around me and I am loving getting to know each of them. 

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