Monday, November 29, 2010

Starting the goodbyes

Last thursday was my first Thanksgiving without my family. To be honest, as far as Thanksgivings go, it was disappointing. Cold traditional Thanksgiving food, mixed with salsa and Chilean food just doesn't cut it for me. Plus, 75° does not feel like Thanksgiving, and I really just wanted to be with my family.

Okay, enough with the negative. Since we are all away from our families, we had a Thanksgiving dinner with our host families at IES. It was quite the event. We all made food and dessert to bring, and we even had turkey. I made green bean casserole (a MUST HAVE for TG), and seeing as how Chile doesn't sell French Fried Onions in the supermarket, I had to make them. The work payed off though, and it was the hit of the night. We all arrived with our various foods, and began the event. Maricarmen got up and talked, Kevin and Ruth sang, a trio of girls sang, and then Pud sang his song for Chile, which also was a hit. It was hilarious and captured the essence of our entire trip. After he sang, I played the video/slideshow that I spent a few weeks making. (See the link below) I think people enjoyed it, and I'm pretty proud of it. After the video, we ate food, dessert and listened to the last words of some of our teachers. It was a meaningful and fun evening, and a nice goodbye from IES.

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